Become a blogger with the assistance of howtostartablog101

We all are living in an era of digital world. The day-to-day life of the generation is hugely influenced and made simple by internet and technology. Starting from newspapers, its influence can be seen even in daily purchases and other shopping’s we make every day. While we traverse through social Medias and other sources, we might come across a variety of articles based on politics, sports and other topics. Reading others views on topics like these may tempt one to express their own views through such sources called blogs. However, in many cases, the lack of technical knowledge or the lack of resources becomes the hurdle to tackle in knowing how to start a blog.


In the past, it was an expensive and time consuming process to start a blogging website. In the beginning of 20th century, the arrival of wordpress in 2003 made a huge impact in the industry. The expense and time required to set up a blogging website was gradually decreased by a really considerable amount. Also, the tutorial blogs like howtostartablog101 played a vital role in showing the right way of learning how to start a blog and thereby equipping millions with the resources to begin blogs on their own. Today, a number of websites including the Yahoo and shopping giants – eBay use the wordpress for their blogging sites. Many thousands use wordpress as the method to earn some income. The involvement of howtostartablog101 was crucial in this evolution of wordpress in to something that is what we see today.


The popularity of howtostartablog101 in educating their viewers about the wordpress is something famous over last few years. This credit is achieved by its creators through a very scientific and helpful stacking of resources in their blog which serves the purpose of making its visitors learn how to start a blog in a simple yet powerful manner. The blog howtostartablog101 is a step by step exercise on how to become a successful blogger in 6 steps. From familiarizing domains to monetizing your blog, howtostartablog101 lets you through very interesting, simple and powerful methods to create a blog on your own.


Coupling the experience and skills of its editors with a deep knowledge of the topic, howtostartablog101 helps one not only to explore various tools, but also to choose the best for him for his need. From beginning with the domains and hosting, the reader also gets a real insight to how to start a blog while exploring through the first step.


After the first step, howtostartablog101 takes the readers to know more about and how to install the wordpress. Here, another step by step process lets the learner through a process by which the wordpress is installed to his/her system that serves as the most important tool in the process of making a blogging website.


Knowing about the wordpress and related tools, and configuring those for the purpose are an important session. It is discussed in the third step in howtostartablog101. Logging in to dashboard, familiarizing tools and prioritizing the security are the major sessions that are discussed in this session. In most of the websites, the most eye catching part of a blog is the method in which the visitors are navigating inside the website. Guiding the learner to configure and arrange navigation makes the perfect base for his blog.


The soul of every blog is the contents that it is discussing. The contents of a blog are what it takes to become a more successful blogging website. More than making a beautiful website, adding informative yet interesting contents of the blog makes more readable blog. A complete coverage of the content also helps. The howtostartablog101 blog not only discusses how the page should be, but also guides the learner to build each page for his or her website.


After making a complete website of the builder’s choice, the howtostartablog101 takes traverse through how to market the blog in the next step. The various methods to improve the website ranking are discussed in this session. Also, discussing the SEO techniques makes another step towards letting the visitor to become a successful blogger.


Are you interested in generating some amount of money through your blogs? If yes, you got to visit howtostartablog101’s next and final step. This is another interesting thing that most of the bloggers crave for. However, if you are really interested in learning how to start a blog, log on to howtostartablog101 and start learning now. With howtostartablog101, you will never feel that it is out of your reach. Go out to explore the world with howtostartablog101. Start blogging now.


The Amazing Things You Can Get from WordPress Web Development


Some people might feel wary about using Word Press for their web development because they’re not making blogs and the web development builder and template provider is more of a blogging tool. Those people are unfortunately living in the past, believing in the old bylines of Web 1.0.  So what if Word Press is a blogging web development service? Almost everything is in blog format nowadays and wordpress knows it. Word Press powers millions of websites all over the world and many big brands depend on Word Press to deliver their goods. Why is this so? It’s because every site is following the blog format of putting the latest blog posts and blurbs first on top of past ones. Users are now used to blogging platforms like Facebook and Twitter that favor regular updates over long-form, long-haul ones.

The Blogosphere Is Now the Internet Itself

* The blogosphere is now the Internet itself even though not everyone blogs. Or don’t they? Twitter is a microblogging platform while Tumblr is an outright multimedia blog (like a new-and-improved LiveJournal). Facebook’s timeline is reminiscent of a blog in that the topmost or latest entries are the first items you’ll see on a given page, followed by an archive that’s arranged in descending order of date posted. Even if the site doesn’t make blogs, its updates and newest pages are usually featured in the main page.

* In most content aggregator sites, posts can also be liked, shared, or commented upon by fellow users. Ditto Instagram and its photo-based “blogging” format that certainly beats out the photo album platform of PhotoBucket. Other sites, like Reddit, 9Gag, or FunnyJunkrely on anonymous sharing of content all over the web, with the material arranged by upvotes rather than the recentness of the post. Even if your site isn’t a content aggregator, it’s best for it to feature its most popular pages prominently so that the other pages can ride on their coattails of success. Static pages that never change are so passé nowadays.

* Either format is reminiscent of blog-based content structures that even news sites follow. They put in the latest news then have a menu on any articles that they have that are trending among the netizens, so they get to refresh their content every news cycle while pointing to their audience the pieces with the highest amount of interest and engagement. No wonder more and more sites are going by Word Press. It thrives with the present design aesthetics and functionalities. It has also evolved to deal with non-blog-like designs and adopting it into the content-heavy metrics of Web 2.0.

Top Reasons for Building Your Site on WordPress


If you want to get a webhost that’s almost akin to what Geocities used to offer (free hosting for personalized websites without any strings attached) but includes templates and customizable file structures you can fill out and personalize on your own to avoid the amateurish look of Geocities pages, then wordpress is the site for you. Word Press is a popular platform used mainly by bloggers in order to create professional-level sites without paying an arm and a leg for them. You can also use Word Press for advanced web development in case you own a small business and wish your site to not look like an amateurish blog. It’s one of the ways you can improve your company’s online profile even if you’ve just started your business and you’re still learning the ropes to Internet marketing.

Your Website Is Part of Your Internet Marketing

* There are quite a number of reasons why you should build your website on the Word Press format, chief among them the fact that every site follows the blog format of putting updates on the top of the page and putting the archives or past updates below the page for anyone who cares enough to scroll down, as though you’re looking through newspaper archives or something.

* Jumping from link to link without going through some sort of sequence or order is still present, but the blog format allows people to consume a bigger swathe of media as they peruse mini updates (basically headlines) then click on the link in case they want to learn the details behind the posts. What’s more, posts are also aggregated and put into order by popularity or traffic, so you end up clicking only trending and interesting links.

* What’s more, Word Press isn’t going anywhere. It’s not about to go the way of Geocities, Friendster, MySpace, or MSN anytime soon. This web development platform will only evolve along with the times because the open-source content management system it has is now practically industry standard since August 2011. Millions upon millions of sites are powered by Word Press because it’s free and convenient to use.

Being More Creative With WordPress And Building Your Website


More and more people are making good use of wordpress. Why is this? This is because it is  a place where you can create your very own website easily. You don’t need to be a professional or to undergo rigorous training just to be able to learn the ropes around using the website. It is simple, clean and provides you with all the basic needs that your up and coming website should have.

How can making your own website help you?

If you are working at home and have your own business, running the website is a must. It can be difficult to acquire a website on your own and at most it is expensive. On the other hand, wordpress gives you the opportunity to be creative and start the website that you always have wanted complete with the design and the content that you want it to have. This is also a great place for your customers to look into since the website is pretty simple and easy to navigate.

There’s no need to spend s much just to set up a website. With the help of this website, you can edit and fix everything all in one place. All it requires is your account and log in and you can control what happens on the site. You can save your drafts or choose to publish them when ready complete with the graphics that you need. You can even position the graphics anywhere you need it and design your own content layout. When you look at it, playing around with the site is pretty fun and you will never think it is too complicated.

The platform gives you the identity that you need without having to spend a lot of money in hiring people to develop websites for you. This can be really helpful for starting businesses who are still looking for their place on the internet and trying to save as much cost.